Price List 

The below prices will be effective from the 1st of April 2018.

Business Package R750
Premium Package R1300
Executive Package R2200
All-In-One Package R3999
Non-Profitable Company R920
CIPC Annual Returns PTY LTD – No Penalties) R270
CIPC Annual Returns PTY LTD – Penalties R320
CIPC Annual Returns CC – No Penalties R450
CIPC Annual Returns CC – Penalties R950
Director Amendment (Remove/Add) R750
Director Amendment (Changes of Details) R400
Company Re-Instate PTY LTD (Only Quote)
Company Name Change (CIPC only) R810
New Share Certificate (per shareholder) R250
Re-Issue of Share Certificates (amendment)         – per shareholder R200
VAT Registration (Only Quote)
Tax Clearance Certificate (excluding SARS Returns) R470
SARS Nil Returns- per year R500
SARS Returns with Income (Only Quote)
Import/Export Registration R1280
Import/Export Renewal R1180
Import/Export Amendment R1080
PAYE/UIF/SDL Registration R720
Submissions of PAYE/UIF/SDL per month (Only Quote)
CSD Registration R890
CSD Amendment R350
CSD Addition of Services – per service R80
WCA Registration (Letter of Good Standing) R900
WCA Annual Returns Submission R557
Bookkeeping Services (Only Quote)
CIDB Registration (new application) Grade 1 R1350
CIDB Addition of Service R900
CIDB Cancellation of Services/Application R900
BEE Sworn Affidavit R380
Company Profile (minimum 6 pages) R570
CC Conversion to PTY R1550
Logo Design + Letterhead R520
Logo Design R450
Letterhead + Invoices + Quotations R710
Business Cards (500 back sided) R510
Flyers (x 5000 D/S A5 size) R1870
Company Address Change R590
VAT Turnover Structure:
R0 – R350 000 R1500
R350 001 – R1m R2500
R1m – R10m R3500
R10 upwards R4500
Recent Registrations
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