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nEW cOMPANY registrations

Now you can fully apply and register your new company through our online platform without even leaving  your desk.

Change Directors of Companies

New directors may be elected by the Board of Directors when there is a vacancy or the company wishes to add directors.

File Annual Returns

All companies (including external companies) and close corporations are required by law to lodge their annual returns with CIPC within a certain period of time every year.

Changes to the Company Name

In order to change an existing company name, or to add a name to a  company that is trading with its registration number, a name must first be reserved.

Company records

The Companies Act requires all companies to maintain their company records. A company must at all times have a copy of its Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI)

Business Rescue

Chapter 6 of the Companies Act 2008 (Act 71 of 2008) provides for the efficient rescue and recovery of financially distressed companies, in a manner that balances the rights and interests of all relevant stakeholders.

The numbers

Here are some of the stats you may need to know about throught Ideal Business Registration, these are from the date of operation since 2010 March 18th.
  • Company secreterial Services – 90%
  • taxation knowledge- 77%
  • Consulting – 95%