Import and Export Licence

All you need to know about Import & Export Permit
Businesses that plans on importing or exporting goods for commercial and personal reasons (or to the value of >R2500) must be registered with South Africa’s (SARS) Customs for an Import / Export Number. This number is obtainable from SARS. It is also known as an Importer’s / Exporter’s Customs Code.

What are the requirements for import export licence

  • Bank Account Confirmation letter  (South African Bank)
  • Tax Clearance (Valid)
  • Company Certificate
  • ID Copy/s (Director)

How long does it take to register?

Customs’ official turnaround time for import export licenses is 10 working days after submission of all the necessary documentation.

Potential reasons for delays include:

  • Customs’ bank authentication taking longer than usual
  • Customs changing computer systems
  • Customs staff shortages
  • Delays due to year end office closures
Recent Registrations
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